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Name Manufacturer Type Pics
Autoscout iGear Both Autoscout Autoscout cassette Autoscout in Soundwave, with Energon cubes
AV-88 Harrier II TFC Toys Stand-alone AV-88 Harrier II AV-88 Harrier II Uranos
Bee iGear Stand-alone Bee Bee
Bombardier Justitoys Stand-alone Bombardier Bombardier
City Commander Trailer and Add-On set FansProject Add-on City Commander City Commander Pulled by the G3 Trailer City Commander Add-on rifle
Commander Justitoys Stand-alone Commander Commander
Commucations Liaison Justitoys Stand-alone Commucations Liaison Commucations Liaison
Desert Warrior Snarl Justitoys Stand-alone Desert Warrior Snarl Desert Warrior Snarl
Explorer FansProject Both Explorer Explorer Explorer, ready for launch Combat unit Combat unit Combat unit Colossus Combination
F-15 Eagle TFC Toys Stand-alone F-15 Eagle F-15 Eagle F-15 Eagle Uranos
F-16 Falcon TFC Toys Stand-alone F-16 Falcon F-16 Falcon F-16 Falcon Uranos
F-4 Phantom TFC Toys Stand-alone F-4 Phantom F-4 Phantom Uranos
Flamethrower Justitoys Stand-alone Flamethrower Flamethrower
G3 Trailer FansProject Add-on Repair base Battle platform Trailer Invisible Bumblebee's gun Grimlock's sword Hound's rifle Hound's rifle Mirage's launcher Sideswipe's launcher
Gas Tank upgrade kit FansProject Add-on Rifle Matrix of Leadership Gas tank
Giant Type-61 MakeToys Stand-alone Giant Type-61 Giant Weapon Giant Toolman Head options Excavator 61 Excavator Boxer Excavator 61 Excavator Armed Bulldozer 61 Bulldozer 61 Bulldozer Armed Mobile Crane 61 Mobile Crane Extended Mobile Crane 61 Mobile Crane Armed Dump Truck 61 Dump Truck 61 Dump Truck Armored Mixer 61 Mixer 61 Armed Mixer 61 Mixer 61 Armed Wheel Loader 61 Wheel Loader 61 Wheel Loader Armed
Golden Disk Add-on Golden Disk
Jungle Warrior Justitoys Stand-alone Jungle Warrior Jungle Warrior
Knight Morpher Cyclops MasterMind Creations Stand-alone Cyclops Cyclops Ready to attack Cyclops Hidden mini-sub Cyclops Dropping anchor
Knight Morpher Screecher MasterMind Creations Stand-alone Screecher Screecher Blades Dual blade
Military Operations Commander Justitoys Stand-alone Military Operations Commander Military Operations Commander
Military Transport Justitoys Stand-alone Military Transport Military Transport Military Transport
MP5 Upgrade Package Justitoys Add-on Megatron's cannon Extenden gun
Munitioner FansProject Both Munitioner Munitioner Combat unit Combat unit Combat unit Colossus Combination
Photron TFC Toys Stand-alone Hi-Reso, Optic-Zoom and AE-Lock Photron Light cannon
Protector Trailer FansProject Add-on Protector Protector's cannon and roller Protector Tank, driven by Sidearm
Screamer's Coronation Set TFC Toys Add-on Screamer Crown and cape
SFC Scouting Force X Perfect Effect Stand-alone Bullet, Edge and Shield SFX Camera
Shattered Glass Soundwave's Headbands TransHeadBands Add-on Yellow Green White
Sidearm FansProject Add-on Sidearm Sidearm Sidearm Sidearm
SR-71 Blackbird & X-47 Phantom Ray TFC Toys Stand-alone SR-71 Blackbird and X-47 Phantom Ray SR-71 Blackbird and X-47 Phantom Ray SR-71 Blackbird and X-47 Phantom Ray Uranos
Warbot Defender FansProject Stand-alone Warbot Defender Warbot Defender Warbot Defender
Wing of Uranos TFC Toys Add-on